Quantum Logic Simulator


In preparation for a PhD program I intend to do, I have been familiarising myself with the field of Quantum Computing. After having gained understanding of the basic mechanics, I decided to attempt to create this Quantum Logic Simulator in line with my belief that if you truly understand something, you should be able to program it!
The GUI leaves a little to be desired, being a very secondary priority for this project. The functionality, however, allows one to build circuits of theoretically unlimited size by adding rows and columns to the circuit, and then inserting one of a number of commonly used quantum gates, including Hadamard, CNOT, and X,Y,Z, and T gates.
As you can see from the screenshot above, the calculated result is expressed as a superposition of composite states. This allows for entangled states to be displayed comfortably, as in the screenshot which displays a Bell state generator circuit functioning as expected – in this case generating a |Φ+> state.

The code and a working set of binaries for this project can be found here.